Apex Legends is a game where there is a lot of items, weapons, skins, characters, and many more features. To be efficient and competitive in a game like this not only you need to have a good understanding of gameplay but a great game knowledge as well. Wiki pages come in handy when you need to get some information about anything that is on your mind. There are many wikis created for Apex Legends but so far the best one is created by Gamepedia.

Gamepedia currently has over 2000 wiki pages with close to 6 million articles. It is also the largest wiki platform on the web for videogames. It is owned by the e-sports company Curse. Outside of wikis, they make high-quality video content and gaming news. Their wiki page on Apex Legends is the most popular one when it comes to Google searches. You can find information about legends(characters), weapons, items, gears, battle pass, and so on. Anything related to Apex Legends you can find in their website. There are 156 articles so far, you can support the Apex Legends community by translating the articles as well. Click the link below to visit Gamepedia Apex Legends Wiki.

Apex Legends Wiki- Gamepedia

Also, if you are an experienced Apex Legends player, you can sign up and contribute to the development of articles and share your knowledge with players who are in need of it. Stay tuned for more Apex Legends guidelines!

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