A month or so after the release of Apex Legends, a lot of players were wondering when Season One was going to be launched. Respawn Entertainment kept its cool about it and started acting mysteriously till a leak was revealed in the Origin Store. The picture hinted the season start, battle pass, and a new legend. Both Respawn and EA didn’t comment on the picture till they announced the Season One start date. The picture seen below was removed from the Origin Store shortly.

On March 18th, Respawn announced the Season One start date and the first legend to be released after the launch of the game. Octane, being the first legend release is our adrenaline junkie in Kings Canyon. His abilities make him be played in both defensively and aggressively positions. Octane’s tactical ability Stim costs health to use while giving him a 30% speed bonus. On the other hand, Swift Mend, his passive ability allows him to restore his health after not taking damage for a while. Launch Pad, the ultimate deploys a launchpad that catapults players in the air after jumping on it.

Season One is titled as Wild Frontier, regardless of the battle pass purchase, Apex players who participate in the first season will be rewarded with free items. Players will get 5 Apex Packs, 18 Wild Frontier Stat Trackers and a Wild Frontier Skin for Mirage, Lifeline, or Wraith. Although none of these items are premium or great overall, it is nice to see a game from EA giving out free items that normally would be sold in the store.

So far, we can say that Apex Legends Season One came out full with a new legend, battle pass, and some free rewards. We highly recommend you to check out the game if you are into FPS or battle royale games in general. It is free-to-play and available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You can download Apex Legends from the link below.


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