Since its release Apex Legends have been played by more than 50 million players worldwide and it’s probably the fastest growing videogame of 2019 so far. Apex managed to surpass Fortnite and PUBG combined in their early days. For sure, there wasn’t this big of hype around the battle royale genre back then but it’s still something that we need to keep in mind. Most of the players who played and still play Apex Legends are fans of battle royales and love the genre overall.

The ways we express our feelings towards something that we love can differ on what it is. Many Apex Legends players have eventually become fans and possessing something that resembles the game is a desire. Since Apex Legends relatively new and no merchandise is out there, many Apex Legends players turn into wallpapers to design their desktops, smartphones, and anything that has a screen on it.

The best place to find good quality wallpapers on the internet is probably the wallpapercave.com. The website gives so many free wallpapers for not only Apex Legends but for any game and in many more categories. You can click the link below to redirect to WallpaperCave Apex Legends page.

Apex Legends Wallpapers

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