Even in its launch day, Apex Legends reached high amounts of players. This led to the progression of the game faster than ever before. Although the game was originally thought to be a full release, there was no word from both EA and Respawn about the future of the game. Many people thought Respawn was acting more mysterious than it should and leading people to datamine the game files and eventually come up with leaks that resulted in many rumors. On March 18th, the company announced that the both Season One and the Season Pass will be live the day after and this caused a mass amount of increase in the player count of Apex Legends. 

Season Pass for Apex Legends is now on and players can unlock many items while progressing through. Players can obtain it for 950(around $10) Apex Coins. There are 100 unique items exclusive to the season pass. For players who don’t want to play all those hours to progress can purchase the bundle for 2800 Apex Coins. Upon purchasing, it will instantly unlock the first 25 levels of the 100 level pathway. It is very similar to Fortnite’s Battle Pass. With this update, Season One also started. To increase the participation in the first-ever season of Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment announced that there will be free rewards regardless if you purchase the Season Pass or not. So far, these free rewards include 18 Wild Frontier Stat Trackers, 5 Apex Packs, and a Wild Frontier Skin for Lifeline, or Mirage, or Wraith. This is such good news if we consider that it’s a game published by EA. Which is notoriously known for its high prices and price tagging every single feature. 

After this update, many people took on social media to comment on Apex Legends Season Pass and said things to Respawn Entertainment like never let the game fall into hands of EA. It seems like players would instantly stop playing the game if it took a route like the most EA games in the past. But since its release, we haven’t seen such thing like that and it’s unlikely for something to happen.

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