The first season of Apex Legends is coming closer to an end and what will be seeing in next season is already a question that many hyped up players are asking.

EA announced on their Twitter account that Apex Legends will be a big part of EA Play at E3 2019. We first got ourselves a little piece of information on what the next season will look like from Respawn such as a meaningful Battle Pass content, a new Legend, and a new weapon. Now that EA confirmed the reveal on Twitter, we will know what Season 2 of Apex Legends will be like with the event.

Also, all of the participants will get to see official Apex Legends merchandise which is something new for the game. If you’re able to make it to the EA Play event in Hollywood, you should do so because you can get the chance to meet the development team of the game.

As far as the Season 2 release date goes, since EA Play will take place on June 8 to 9, the date is closer to the supposed launch date of Season 2 which is the end of this quarter, so we expect EA to announce the launch date.

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