Apex Legends is the newest AAA battle royale game published by Electronic Arts and developed by Respawn Entertainment. We don’t know if the game was initially thought as Titanfall 3 but EA was well aware of the hype and the potential around the genre and wanted to be involved somehow. They teamed up with Respawn once again to develop a battle royale game using Titanfall 2 engine. This is the biggest reason Apex Legends looks and feels a lot like the Titanfall 2. Although there is no wall running or Titan exoskeletons featured in this game, it keeps most of the gun-play and weapons that can be found in Titanfall series.

The best feature of Apex Legends hides behind its name. There are 8 legends(characters) in the game. Each of these legends has their own unique abilities and playstyle. Rather than feeling like playing as a different character, it almost feels like you become someone else as the voice of the characters and the reactions are portrayed well. It kinda feels like you are jumping from one persona to another. So far, Apex Legends have been played by more than 50 million players and managed to hit this number in only 4 weeks. We don’t know what’s the current amount of players but it’s for sure that Apex is well over that by now. They launched the game with an amazing cinematic trailer that introduces us to the legends and gives us some hints about their abilities, personalities and the playstyles.¬†You can watch the trailer below and get the download links!

Apex Legends Download Page

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