Apex Legends is an online battle royale developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by EA. Since the early days of its release, it gained huge popularity among videogame lovers. Like most games, each item in Apex Legends has different kinds of rarities. This includes skins, weapons, gears, and banners. Each rarity can be displayed as different colors. Grey means common, rare means blue, epic means purple and orange means legendary. Legendary items in Apex Legends grants players huge benefits. Especially legendary gear items as their passive abilities grant you with bonuses that can change the fate of your life in Apex Legends.

  • Legendary Knockdown Shield has 750 health, same as epic Knockdown Shield but its passive, Resurrection allows the equipped player to resurrect themselves after being down. This is such a great item to have especially if one of your squadmates is also downed. This is such a rare item to encounter with as with all other legendary items.
  • Legendary Helmet decreases the headshot damage by about 25% and its bonus Fast Charge reduces the tactical and ultimate ability recharge time when equipped. 
  • Legendary Body Shield is perhaps the most important one when it comes to gear equipment. It adds 4 shield bars which equal to 100 health points. Its passive is Executioner allow players to regenerate the shield fully with the finishers. Of course, having all legendary items would be cool but this Body Shield is probably the hardest item to find in the game.
  • Legendary Backpack adds 6 slots to your inventory when equipped. Its passive is probably the best one when you go on to the later phases of the game as it gives you speed on healing items. Whenever you try a healing item, it will reduce the healing time. 

Overall, whenever you see a legendary gear item, do not miss to take it as it gives you bonuses that no other item gives. Sure, legendary weapons deal more damage but if you ever got into a situation where you need to pick a legendary weapon or a gear, always go for the gear.

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