Apex Legends is still relatively a new game and just like newer games, it suffers from cheat/hack usage. Every day many players get banned for playing with cheats. So far Respawn has been banned over 500.000 players related to third-party program usage. This was announced recently and before the announcement, Respawn once again stated that around it banned 350.000 players. Players who kept playing with cheats faced something very unusual this time. The ban is no longer on the cheaters account anymore. Respawn Entertainment reportedly issuing many hardware bans. So any cheater that creates a new account after getting banned and keeps playing with the cheats are being banned permanently from the game.

The company has raised the bar when it comes to the fight against cheaters. It shows a great example to other developer companies. Just to put an example, we well know Epic Games for not being able to stand against cheat usage in Fortnite Battle Royale, a step like this could change the whole perception on banning cheaters. Respawn Entertainment may have taken the fight against cheaters too far but they want to make sure that nobody ruins the Apex Legends experience casual players are having. They also stated that there will be an in-game feature to report cheaters/hackers, essentially leaving no room for cheaters to exist in Apex Legends.

After this point, we recommend nobody to use cheats/hacks in Apex Legends nor in any other videogame. Sure, it gives you a great advantage for winning games and such but the risk you put yourself into is greater than the advantage you get in Apex Legends. There have been many reports on information theft that caused by malware found in the cheat files. You can face malware like trojans easily in the files of cheats. These trojans can be easily used to detect your banking information and can result in some pretty bad financial damages. Another thing we can say about cheat usage is that it isn’t unfair for both the user and the player who is standing against a cheater. It takes away the most fun aspects of a battle royale. What’s the point of playing a battle royale when you exactly know where the enemy player is? Stay tuned for more news on Apex Legends!

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