Apex Legends is an online battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by EA. Its surprise release shocked many gamers all around the world as nobody was expecting another AAA battle royale. It came out of nowhere and managed to conquer the hearts of gamers. What makes this game is different than others is that it offers 8 different playable legends. We wanted to share our first impressions on how the play of it feels. Without further ado let’s dive in!

As far as the gameplay goes, if you haven’t experienced Titanfall series, at first glance it might feel quick-paced and confusing but once you get used to it, you will realize how much of fun you were missing early on! Apex Legends offers one of the best gameplay in the market right now. It keeps most of the familiar things but it almost seems like there is a touch on every little aspect of the battle royale genre.

The idea of skydiving to an island from a spaceship and wandering around for items to get your character stronger and ready to fight doesn’t scream originality but there are many areas where Apex is so much better and different than most other games in the genre. There are a few additions to the drop such as the Supply Ship or the Hot Zone. In the start of each match, both of these features are indicated on the map. Supply Ship is a moving object and if players are able to land on it they can loot in the outer deck and the inner hallways, it consists of mostly mid to high-tier loot and one of the most popular sights that players land. On the other hand, Hot Zone is a random location indicated on the map as a pulsing blue circle. Which means around that area, there is a high-tier loot and chance to find legendary equipment.

These are just the things you will notice during the first few minutes of the game. Apex Legends difference sticks out the most when you learn about its ping system. It is one of a kind and has everything you need to communicate with your squadmates. In need of a specific type of ammo? Just point your target reticle to it and press the ping button. This makes the game no need for a voicechat whatsoever.

Another cool fact about Apex Legends is that the teams are not made up of 4 players. Instead, each team has 3 players and the total number of players in each match is limited to 60. If you are an experienced battle royale player, you will realize that you have to come up with strategies to get your enemies down. Overall, Apex Legends is one of the best games to play right now when it comes to gameplay as it offers many unique things we haven’t seen in a battle royale before. It’s completely free-to-play with no pay to win scheme going on. You can download the game on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Click the link below to redirect to our download page.

How to Download Apex Legends?

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