Since its release, Apex Legends caught the biggest following of 2019 in the gaming industry. It reached over 50 million players in the launch month and peaked at 2 million when it comes to concurrent players. Although those numbers may have dropped significantly because there was no initial sense of purpose that came with the game. Respawn Entertainment released the game with no additional features such as the battle pass so that players could play and learn more about the game mechanics. We don’t know the exact plan for the future of Apex Legends but the battle pass is finally here with the first ever season of Apex Legends! Respawn Entertainment announced on March 18th that the Season One and Battle Pass will be launch next day. This brought an insane hype around Apex Legends as everyone was waiting for it to start especially for the battle pass.

Apex Legends Battle Pass is very similar to Fortnite’s battle pass although it may have a few differences. The battle pass costs players 950 Apex Coins(roughly $10). There are 100 unique items only available in the battle pass, thus, 100 levels to unlock everything. Aside from the regular purchase, Apex players can get the Battle Pass Bundle for 2800 Apex Coins to unlock the first 25 levels. This helps a lot especially when you want to progress all the way up to level 100 and get the rarest items as not many people will progress all the way up to there. The best feature of the battle pass is you will earn a total of 1000 Apex Coins through progressing in the battle pass. This means if you want, your next seasons battle pass will be without any additional purchase. You can see below what the Apex Legends Battle Pass offers from the pictures below.

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